Assembling Instructions
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Print this page for easy assembly of your new swing


This is how you assemble your swing straight out of the box.  I made it as easy as possible so that you would not have to refer to any complicated diagrams or parts lists when putting it together.


1.  Put the back and bottom together like this

2.  Open it in a hinge-like motion- It opens up as easy as a door
3.  Now we are ready to add the bolts
4.  The 4 eyebolts attach the outside supports to each other as the arrows show.  On the two inside supports you use a hexbolt. On the eyebolt and the hexbolt you need to have a washer on each side of the support. This keeps the wood from spliting
5.  Place the arm rest on the arm support and bolt the back of the arm through the predrilled holes. It goes through the side support for plenty of security...
6.  There are two predrilled holes in the front of each armrest. Just fasten the provided screws and......
That's it! You are done and ready to hang it.


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